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Offering peace of mind

It’s important when buying a property in Murcia, Alicante or indeed anywhere in Spain to make sure everything is above board. Our legal team is meticulous in the checks it carries out. No client of ours has ever lost their deposit.

Before being offered to market

We make sure new developments are sound before we start marketing them. Our trusted advocates and lawyers look into:

  • building permits and planning permission
  • the state of the development, making sure it’s ready to be marketed
  • the developer’s bank guarantees
  • if the developer is signed up to the Mercantile Register

Off-plan considerations

When buying off-plan there is some additional paperwork. This includes the Cadastral certificate showing exact boundaries and sorting out the licencia de primera occupación (licence of first occupancy).

Before making a deposit

Before any deposits are made our legal team carries out more rigorous checks. If you buy property from Premier Homes in Spain, the home is 100 percent legal.

Registered with the British Consultate

The law firms we work with are registered with the British Consulate so you can rest assured you are being looked after.

Next steps

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