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We’ve been helping people buy holiday homes in Murcia, Spain since 2000. Here are a few of the most common questions, with our answers:

What car hire company do you recommend?


Have you any tips for getting through Murcia airport?


Have you any tips for getting through Alicante airport?


I’m worried about getting my medical prescriptions in Spain.

Don’t worry, your prescriptions are easily transferable.

Can you arrange a gardener?

Yes. We’ve contacts across Murcia. These include past clients who give us the low-down on the best gardeners in the area.

We have children so need to find the right school for them. Can you help?

Yes. We’ve recently returned to Spain after a stay in the UK and needed to do this ourselves. So we know exactly what you’re going through.

Is haggling when buying furniture acceptable?

If you’re buying outside of the main department stores, then yes. If you’re too shy to do this, we’ll happily do it on your behalf.

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